Patrick and his mother share their review about Network Bull’s training and facilities

Hello friends, today we have Mr. Patrick Hughes from Nigeria with us who came to Network Bulls for CCNP R&S Training as well as CCIE R&S Training. We have decided to take his interview to know his entire experience at Network Bulls. So let’s hear it from him.

Ques– Hello Patrick, how are you today?

Ans – I am good.

Ques– So Patrick, as you are going back to your country now, we would like to know aboutyour entire experience at Network Bulls. I would like to ask did you feel welcomed when you arrived at Network Bulls on the very first day?

Ans – Yes, it was a very interesting experience and I was taken well care off. I was picked up right from the airport and was taken to my place and it was really a wonderful experience.

Ques– That’s great. Did you really investigate about other institutes which provide networking courses in your country? What made you travel to Network Bulls, India?

Ans – Yes, when I decided to pursue my dreams with Cisco CCIE R&S, I wanted to get the best training so it was not about just choosing any institution, it was about choosing the best CCIE Institute. It is important to have a strong foundation to stay firm in any industry. So I did some investigation and searched online. I watched the testimonials of other students and after watching these testimonials I decided enrol at Network Bulls.

Ques– How about your cultural experience in India? Is there anything specific that you have noticed here?

Ans – Well, India is incredible and it is a wonderful place. The culture is quite different from my own country. The people are nice and very accommodating. When they see a foreigner around them they want to know about them. At the end, everything was very interesting for me.

Ques– Okay, what would you like to say about the facilities provided by Network Bulls?

Ans– The facilities are really good. I came here for CCIE R&S Training and I found that the labs were fully equipped with the latest Cisco routers and switches. It was a wonderful experience at NB and I had no problems at all.

Ques– So now that you have got a call from your organization and you have to fly back and soon you will be giving your Cisco exams, so how are you feeling about it?

Ans– I am feeling great and confident. I know that it is going to be a brand new world there and I am very eager to put everything that I have learned here at Network Bulls into practice.

Ques– Would you like to give any message to the other CCIE aspirants who are planning to come to India for Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training?

Ans– Few years back I was sitting in front of my computer and watching the testimonials of others which I am giving right now. So, I would like to say that you shall take a step toward it. You will find that Network Bulls is really one of the best CCIE Institutes.

Thank you very much for being with us.

Friends, we are glad to tell you that today we have Patrick’s mother Mrs. Hughes who came from Nigeria to meet his son and to witness the certificate his son has received. So let’s talk to her –

Ques– Hello Mrs. Hughes, how are you today?

Ans – I am fine, thank you, and you?

Ques– I am fine, thank you so much. We welcome you here at Network Bulls. You have met your son after a long time, so how are you feeling?

Ans – I am feeling great and wonderful. I feel that my dreams are fulfilled. My son is now what he had desired to be. He had always dreamt of getting CCIE Training and I am very happy that he has gone through it. He has come out to be successful. From the day he left, he kept me updated about the events and happenings around him and I felt happy that Network Bulls did their best for him. Now, that I am seeing him, he looks good and I can see he has improved as well. I can see the confidence in him.

Ques– Have you noticed any change in your son after the training?

Ans – Yes, now he is a complete man who is going out into the field to do his work. I am confident that he will do very well. He has got his training from the best CCIE R&S Institute.

Thank you very much, Mrs. Hughes for being with us and we wish all the best to you and your son.

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