Munyaradzi speaks about Network Bulls contribution in achieving his CCIE number 56391

Hello friends, today we have Mr.Munyaradzi with us who came all the way from Zimbabwe to pursue CCIE R&S training at Network Bulls, India. We are glad to announce that Mr.Munyaradzi has achieved his CCIE Number #56391. Today, we are going to interview him and know about his entire experience at Network Bulls, India. Let’s start with the interview –

Q:- Hi Munyaradzi, how are you today?

Ans:- I am fine Jenny, how are you?

Q:- I amgood, thank you. So Munyaradzi, you have come a long way from Zimbabwe to get trained at Network Bulls. What had convinced you to make up your mind to come to India and pursue your CCIE training at Network Bulls?

Ans:- I had recently completed my CCNA and CCNP training, so next I was looking for the best Cisco training Institute for pursuing my CCIE training. I searched the Google for the best networking institute and the first link that came up was Network Bulls. That is how, I decided to come to India for pursuing Cisco CCIE training at Network Bulls.

Q:- That’s great! Many people say that CCIE is one of the toughest examinations, so we would like to know how you have been successful in cracking the examination and how Network Bulls helped you in the same.

Ans:- Network Bulls has helped me in many different ways. To begin with, the trainers are vastly experienced and CCIE Certified. Some of them are even double and triple CCIEs. They help you understand the technologies from the basics and aim at making you an expert. The labs are 24x7 open with no power cuts.

Q:- How was your experience with the labs? Do you think they played an important role in yoursuccess?

Ans:-Yes, they have played a very important role in my success. You can find pictures of racks on the Network Bull’s website. Those racks are available 24x7 in the labs. You just need to go there, rent a rack and start practising. They have got the latest iOS Softwares. So, everything that you need is available for you at Network Bulls.

Q:- Okay, did you face any panic situation during your examination? How did you handle the same?

Ans:- Yes, I came across a situation that made me panic but it was very small. I remembered one of my trainers told me that whenever you get panicked, stand up, go grab a coffee and then come back in the exam hall. That is exactly what I did. I just stood up, controlled my breathing, made a caffecino and then came back.

Q:- Is there any tip that you would like to give to the CCIE Aspirants?

Ans:- I would like to say that nothing is impossible. Practise makes a man perfect.Your CCIE number is waiting for you and to make things easier, come to Network Bulls. It will definitely help you get your CCIE number.

Q:- Is there anything you would like to add on to your interview?

Ans:- Come to Network Bulls, just come and see it, you will get to know that it is the best place for networking aspirants.

Thank you, Mr.Munyaradzi for being with us and sharing your experience. We wish you all the best for your career.

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