Intensive Training Model

We are pleased to introduce Intensive Training Model for candidates seeking expert level knowledge in Enterprise/R&S, Security and other varied technologies altogether. Our high end technological and job oriented courses namely CCIE Enterprise/R&S Integrated, and CCIE Security Integrated training programs have been reintroduced with intensive training model, allowing candidates to acquire deep knowledge about respective technologies. Earlier we only had two types of tracks i.e.

  1. Regular track:  In which candidates have theoretical classes for 2 hours per day, after completion of which they are free to practice in labs or attend various grooming classes as per their own convenience and schedule.

  2. Weekend track:  In which working candidates usually opt for weekend batches where they attend 3-4 hours of theoretical classes followed by practical sessions and grooming session which again are attended as per their own convenience and availability of schedules.

The intensive training model has specially been designed and launched for freshers where these candidates will spend 6 hours per day at our institute, acquiring rigorous theoretical, practical and personality grooming sessions. Out of the 6 mandatory hours student spends at our institute, complete 6 hours will be devoted in proper learning of the course including overall personality development. Daily classes will commence with 2 hours of theoretical/practical session where the trainer will demonstrate the actual working of the concepts, implementing it on real devices for better understanding and technology exposure of the course. After completion of theoretical classes, minimum 2 hours of mandatory practical classes will take place where the candidates will practice and complete a set of practical tasks assigned in theoretical class attended. Lab assistants and lab instructors will be present throughout to help them with their practical implementation of the tasks given, clearing all the doubts so that under no circumstances candidates leave the lab premises without completing the practical scenarios given.

Once candidates complete their practical assignments given for the day, two hours of mandatory grooming sessions will be conducted for overall personality development of the candidate. These grooming classes cover a number of aspects of behavioral Psychology allowing candidates to become an all-rounder. The grooming classes provided will cover:

  •     Spoken English classes

  •     Personality Development classes

  •     Group Discussions

  •     Presentation skills and confidence building classes

  •     Mock interview sessions

  •     CV Writing classes

  •     Technical interview sessions

  •     HR interview sessions, etc.

All these classes have been introduced within our intensive training program so that candidates do not lack behind in any aspect of the course. These classes will allow our students to be able to prove their viewpoint and worth, while appearing for an interview. The reason why these classes have been made mandatory is that we want our apprentices to be all-rounders and champions as they work in different MNCs of the world.

Students Speak

Let's see what our students have to say, after completing a month of training with our intensive training model.

Why we started it?

One of the major reasons behind introduction of this intensive training program has been the strong requirement of technically sound and highly presentable candidates in MNCs. Candidates join institutes and only attend theoretical/practical sessions skipping the grooming classes kept for their benefit. Due to this their communication and presentation skills remain raw and unpolished. Studying just the theory part of the course doesn’t lead anywhere until and unless practical knowledge of the same is acquired. Knowing how the technology or its concepts works and operates is important before one calls oneself a technology expert. Companies throughout the world require knowledge and skills and not just certifications. Paper documents do not specify how much know and how much you can possibly learn and implement in a new industrial environment. If you have sound practical knowledge of your chosen technology then you can definitely create wonders for yourself within your employer organization.

Practical knowledge stand alone cannot make you seem distinctive in the crowd where being an overall package i.e. having strong technical knowledge, out of the box thinking, exceptional communication and presentation skills definitely can.

What makes you stand out the crowd while being employed?

  • How having strong technical knowledge and poor or below average presentation and communication skills allow you to justify and represent yourself as an asset to your company? Answer to this is, companies seeking skilled workforce not only require candidates with sound technical knowledge but also with spectacular communication and presentation skills so that these candidates can represent the company at an international level or deal with offshore clients efficiently. If you are a complete package then only you will get a great job of higher level.

  • Say if you are a CCIE Certified candidate and technically you are unbeatable but your communication and presentation skills are not up to the mark. You are hired for handling international projects, how you will justify your knowledge without communicating with the employer party if you lack in interpersonal skills.

  • Say you are hired on IT Manager’s post and people contact you to get certain network issues solved. This nature of job expects you to get the work done from juniors and other higher level people delivering quality results in a short span of time. How will you tackle all of this if you lack in confidence and communication/presentation skills.

Keeping all of the points mentioned above, we have introduced this training program where we train our students as per industry requirements and standards from day one of training. If we have ever faced any problem in getting a CCIE candidate placed then that has only been due to poor interpersonal skills and that is why we have decide to train our students rigorously through this intensive training program, enrolling each and every fresher candidates training them for full 6 hours throughout the day, grooming from scratch to pro.

We train our students from starting of the course till the end allowing our candidates, so that they can get employed on a good level with handsome salary packages reaching new heights in your professional careers and thus eliminating chances of failure or zero growth from your lives forever.

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