What is difference between CCNA R&S and CCNA Security?

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CCNA R&S is associate level of Cisco Certification in Routing & Switching track/technologies, whereas CCNA Security is associate level of Certification offered by Cisco Systems in Network Security track/technologies.

CCNA R&S covers basics of Routing & Switching, starting from OSI Model, IP Addressing, Router Basics, and covers Basics of Routing protocols like RIP, EIGRP and OSPF, including Switching technologies like VLAN, VTP, STP and lot more.

Whereas CCNA Security just covers basics of Network Security technologies including Type of Cyber Attacks, IOS Firewalls, Basics of VPN technologies etc.

In order to do CCNA Security, you must have a valid CCNA R&S Certification or knowledge.

And if your aim is to get CCNA Security Certification, i would suggest you to either go for CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S combo or Go for CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S + CCNA Security + CCNP Security combo. Because CCNA Security doesn't cover any practical part. Aim for CCNP Security atleast.


R&S and Security are the two different tracks of CCNA, the associate level certification offered by Cisco.

CCNA R&S deals with taking fundamental training on routing & switching and networking technologies used today. You learn about networking devices, networking technologies and how to implement networks(LAN) by using multiple technologies.

Whereas, In CCNA Security you learn how to secure your network using fundamental security technologies.

As you might know, Cisco has announced to consolidate it's all of the CCNA tracks into one and it will be known as CCNA from 24th of Feb, 2020. 

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As you know very well, CCNA certification is offered in 10 different tracks by Cisco Systems. To know about the major differences between CCNA R&S and CCNA Security keep reading.

Among all of these tracks, R&S and Security are the most common certification training attempted by CCNA aspirants. Now, we will discuss about R&S and Security differences according to their description, scope, job roles, certification exam and more...

Those who are CCNA R&S trained are supposed to administer devices on small or medium-sized networks(LAN or WAN). After this, they become eligible to take CCNA Security training.

With the increase in cybercrime, the demand for CCNA security trained professionals is increasing day by day. They are supposed to take knowledge of security infrastructure, threats, and vulnerabilities to networks in their training. 

CCNA Routing and Switching (200-125):

After associate-level R&S training and certification, you get different job roles with different job responsibility like,

The most required skill is to install, troubleshoot, and monitor networking devices in the respective network is obtained by these professionals with the above-mentioned job roles.

  • Validity - 3 years
  • Prerequisites - None

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CCNA Security (210 - 260 IINS):

After associate-level Security training and certification, you get different job roles with different job responsibility like,

A Sec. certified associate can help their organization with maintaining integrity and confidentiality of network with threat mitigation.

  • Validity - 3 years
  • Prerequisites - Valid CCENT or CCNA(R&S) or any CCIE.

Once you become a Routing & Switching or Sec. certified associate, your chances of getting a job as compared to non-R&S or Sec. certified aspirant increases significantly and proverbs like Success and growth come automatically post completion of the certification.

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