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Answer written - CCNP
There are 4 exams to pass for becoming CCNP Security certified professional and yes, it's true that you must pass CCNA R&S and CCNA Security first to become eligible for attempting CCNP Security certification exam. The valid CCNA Security certification is the only prerequisite to attempt CCNP Security certification but for CCNA Security you need CCNA R&S which makes you clear both the exams. ... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous
CCNA Routing and Switching
2 Broadcast Domain and 5 Collision Domain : Broadcast Domain  : As R1 has two ports so 2 broadcast domains because router has per-port broadcast domain. Collision Domain : As routers and switches has per-port collision domain. so there are total 5 collision . See Diagram  :  Collision Domain with Blue Color and Broadcast Domain with Red Color    ... (more)
Answer written - OSPF
Well Abr stands for Area border router. Area 0 is a very special area in ospf which has the capability of sharing inter area routes. Abr is some thing in which at least one of its interface is connected to area 0. If incase you are not able to connect to area 0 physically you can do so logically by using the concept of ospf virtual link.  Asbr stands for autonomous system boundary router when ev... (more)
Answer written - Cisco
CCIE Security
Here's a video tutorial made by Network Bulls students on How to Configure Default Routing: This video tutorial is a Step by Step Configuration guide for Default Routing on Cisco Routers.    ... (more)
Answer written - CCNP
Recently, Cisco amazed us with its certification update announcement and soon on the 24th of Feb 2020 all of the changes will go live. Now, coming back to your question, What is the latest exam fee of CCNP R&S Certification exams in India? Then, the answer is Cisco hasn’t changed its certification examination cost at any level and for any tracks. This means the latest exam fee of CCNP R&S Cer... (more)
Answer written - CCIE

Co-Founder & Group CEO - Network Bulls & Network Bulls Technologies,
Its a pretty good and interesting question. Earlier Cisco had a dedicated page on its website showing the complete database of Total number of CCIE Certified Engineers worldwide with detailed information. As Cisco now has not revealed any official number, we can not give you exact count but still we can give a fair guess. There are around 45,000 active CCIE's in world right now in 2017. As t... (more)
Answer written - Switch
Principal Network Architect - Array Networks
Major Differences between Cisco Router and Switch: Both Routers and switches are networking devices which allow computers to establish connection with other computers, devices and networks. Many a time, networking aspirants find it difficult to differentiate between a router and a switch as both the devices look quite similar. However, the two networking devices i.e Routers and Switches differ f... (more)
Answer written - OSPF
CCNA Routing and Switching
                                                                OSPF DR , BDR Election Process :    DR/BDR Election :  Intially when we enable ospf on routers then they start sending hello messages to each other . Then at The End of Two-Way State DR/BDR Election is done. Election Process:  1. Priority : Interface on which ospf is enabled by default prior... (more)
Answer written - OSI

Application :    Apne

Presentation : Papa

Session :         Se

Transport :.     To

Network :        Nahi

Data-Link :.     Darta

Physical :        Pappu

Answer written - Networking
Reading reviews online and implementing changes on the basis of them is totally different from the real world. If you are CCIE definitely it means that you are certified from CISCO and you have knowledge wherein you cannot compare yourself to a professional guy working in MNC from past 5-6 years (average) and is CCIE as well.  No institute in the world can guarantee you a job on the basis of... (more)
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