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Question Asked - Miscellaneous
Weed is the name of the cannabis; Know Here Questions is That How to Get Weed in DC? it is commonly called marijuana, grass, pot, dope and weed. For How to Get Weed in DC & Cannabis in DC here U need to Read Our Blog. Weed is used to refer to strains of Cannabis sativa that are high in the psychoactive chemicals delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and low in the mind-altering chemical cannabidiol (... (more)
Answer written - CCNA
Principal Network Architect - Array Networks
Salary packages of CCNA engineers are good enough to get their careers started with. Don't run behind salary packages, focus on learning. I have seen many CCNA level engineers withdrawing very good salary packages in Gurgaon and i have also seen people with CCNA Certification but jobless. I have seen my entire CCIE batch at network bulls getting placement after completing the course, and i... (more)
Answer written - Firewall

Co-Founder & Group CEO - Network Bulls & Network Bulls Technologies,
SITE TO SITE VPN BETWEEN CISCO ROUTER AND CISCO ASA USING IKEV1 WITH DIGITAL CERTIFICATE   In our topology R1 and ASA1 are VPN peers, having C1 and C2 as end client which are going to communicate with each other using secure tunnel and R2 is the router, routing only public IP address.   Before VPN configuration we have made the VPN peers reachable to each other and DIGITAL CERTIFICATE has ... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous
CCNA Routing and Switching
PAT (Port Address Translation) :  ---PAT is used to convert Multiple source ip's into a [ single public ip / pool -multiple public ip's ] using Port Numbers. In above example or practical we will do PAT on Router R1 which is END Router of LAN Having network of R1(config)#int f0/0 R1(config-if)#ip nat inside ---- Inside Interface i.e Our LAN  R1(config-if)#ex R1... (more)
Answer written - Networking
Networking is a process where various interconnecting devices like routers, switches, computers, and end devices come together to form a network and communicate with other LANs, WANs.  These networks/computing devices exchange data with each other using connections (data links) between nodes. These communication links are established over cable media such as twisted pair or fiber-optic cables, a... (more)
Answer written - Microsoft
Killerdumps has encouraged the competitors of IT tests with the arrangement of legitimate study guides for precise readiness. One such AZ-700 Dumps guide is focused on the arrangement of the Microsoft AZ-700 Dumps PDF. This guide will assist you with verifying the most elevated potential evaluations in your last test of the year. It tends to be purchased at a suitable sum is hardly any means. Try ... (more)
Answer written - CCIE
CCIE is considered to be an expert level certification provided by Cisco Systems. A CCIE certified credentials would have a level ahead of job responsibility from networks and networking solutions to implementation and troubleshooting of complex converged networks. There are lots of job roles depending upon the varied CCIE Certification tracks. For instance, one with CCIE certification in the Sec... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous

Co-Founder & Group CEO - Network Bulls & Network Bulls Technologies,
I only recommend Collaboration if one has experience on VoIP already. I understand that you will have around 2 years of experience till then, but that experience will be of a Network Engineer, not of a VoIP Engineer. If in your current profile, you are getting opportunities to work on VoIP/Collaboration devices, then you can opt for Collaboration. Scope of CCIE Data Center is better as compared ... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous

Master Trainer,
Dual CCIE #50204 (R&S,Security)
Checkpoint Firewall ( GIA ) is also similar to cisco firewall, but it does not support the concept of security level.It work on zones. IN checkpoint deployment we have 3 roles:- 1)Console 2)Management Center 3)Gateway We have two types of deployment 1)Standalone 2)Distributed Majorly we go with distributed deployment , in which Management server and gateway are seperate devices. But in st... (more)