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Answer written - Miscellaneous


The answer is correct. The device icon is misprint in this workbook.



Answer written - CCNA
Hi Imran, CCNA, the associate-level Cisco certification can never lose its demand in the IT industry. CCNA consist introduction to various networking technologies to install and support small sized networks. Every candidate looking forward to start career in Networking field must gain CCNA knowledge first. Only after CCNA, they can move ahead for further Cisco CCNP and CCIE level.   One can att... (more)
Question Asked - Miscellaneous

Hello, I have a RT-N56U router.  I would like to connect this router to an Xfinity wifi hotspot so I can connect other devices to this network.  Currently I use a USB wifi adapter to access Xfinity hotspot, works well.  But I cannot connect the router to this network, and I don't know how to use network sharing to make this work.  Windows 10 desktop computer.

Answer written - Switch
Hi Dear, Q4 Ans. a) The SW1 floods the frame on all ports on SW1, excluding the port on which the frame was received. Whenever the SW receive traffic and the destination mac-address not present in MAC address table, then the SW must flood that packet out of all interface except the interface on which the packet was received.   Q6. Ans. e) None of the above. Because  1) the port is secure an... (more)
Question Asked - Cisco
Hi All, I have recently got opportunity to work on Networking. I want to learn these networking stuff with practicals.  Let us know the best method and provide some resources too to learn about all these. I would like to work on Cisco Nexus Switches for practice and learn the switch functioning. What is the best method to learn these nexus 7K and 9K switches. Thanks & Regards Ravin... (more)
Question Asked - Cisco

Please explain  the lose, record, timestamp and strict option in cisco extended command

Answer written - CCIE
No, not at all. The distance graduate holders do not have face any problem in placements. If you have sufficient technical knowledge and working capabilities then any organization will love to hire you. Even if you don't have CCIE certification, CCIE course training can help you to grab suitable job opportunity for yourself. Getting CCIE training is like obtaining a graduate degree. You lea... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous
The Cisco certification courses in Networking industry has gained massive appreciation among young students and IT professionals from past years. In networking sector, every year around 100,000 CCIE engineers are required whereas only 55,000 are available worldwide. Here you can sense the future scope of Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE courses. For deeper insights, watch this video This certificatio... (more)