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Answer written - CCIE
Well, it is hard to say which is better as both the Cisco certifications have a great demand in the IT industry. However, your certification track widely depends upon your interest as well. Below is the brief inside of both the certification, have a look - CCIE R&SCertification - if you are a fresher and looking forward to building your career in the field of networking then it is the best cert... (more)
Answer written - CCNA

There are so many site offering CCNA and CCNP R&S help, from many of my friends around, they recommended Passcert CCNA and CCNP R&S exam dumps for practice, because they passed their test with its help, If you want to pass your CCNA certification and CCNP certification, then Passcert can be a help.

Question Asked - Miscellaneous

How can I create a website to crack wpa handshake on my website or how can I run aircrack-ng on my website 

Question Asked - Routing

Please explain different between RIB and RT.

Answer written - Miscellaneous
CCNA Routing and Switching
2 Broadcast Domain and 5 Collision Domain : Broadcast Domain  : As R1 has two ports so 2 broadcast domains because router has per-port broadcast domain. Collision Domain : As routers and switches has per-port collision domain. so there are total 5 collision . See Diagram  :  Collision Domain with Blue Color and Broadcast Domain with Red Color    ... (more)
Question Asked - Networking

what is the importance of python in networking and please suggest some ebooks and youtube channels to get a hand on it.

Question Asked - Miscellaneous

I want to pass H12-211 exam for HCNA certification, should I attend any HCNA training?