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Most Recent Stories For You
Question Asked - MCSA
Healthy way to pass mcsa 70-742 exam with 70-742 dumps pdf. Microsoft 70-742 dumps is top leading study course in certification exam. If you wan to check the quality of Microsoft 70-742 dumps pdf then first you check real 70-742 question answers that are enter in 70-742 pdf. 70-742 braindumps and 70-742 is one name with same work. My vote are with Pass4surekey 70-742 dumps i loved that quality of ... (more)
Question Asked - OSPF
Getting summarized routes plus individual routes at the same time in the routing table. Summarization is performed on R4, which can be verified by the Null0 entry. But routes are not getting summarized on R6. Need help in rectifying the issue. Please find the topology below. ... (more)
Answer written - EIGRP
Hi Monty, It is not allowing me to enter tag with a non integer value. That is why I tried with 1111.  I have applied a route-map on R2 to set tag 2222 and I can see that the same tag is applied when I check routes for 2.x.x.x network on R4. Only problem is that route-map applied on R4 is not denying the routes out from R4. Will PBR work if applied on the interface?... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous
What type of network does the ISIS protocol support except P2P? A. P2MP B. NBMA C. SNAP D. LAN (broadcast network) Answer: D Which of the following description about DR is correct? A. In the network segment DR election, when the DR priority is the same, the bigger IP address is elected. B. The source DR is responsible for sending Register messages with multicasting to the RP. C. The receiver DR i... (more)
Answer written - Miscellaneous
Based on DSCP, which option description is correct? A. IP precedence and DSCP have no overlap part  B. DSCP's CS is backward compatible with IP precedence C. DSCP and IP precedence is completely the same; the name change is just the practice of marketing orders D. DSCP's last two bit and IP precedence overlapping E. DSCP only for TCP, IP precedence only for UDP Answer: B In traffic monit... (more)
Answer written - EIGRP
  Hi As you mentioned here that packets are taking path from both R3 and R4 because of same metric . The reason here is that the whenever a cisco router forward traffic it will match the destination ip address in routing table and in which longest prefix match , it will send packet by that path . In this task , R1 and R2 receive R5 loopback on /24 from both R3 and R4 , so whenever they will gen... (more)