How many broadcast domain and collision domains are there in the diagram below ?


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CCNA Routing and Switching

2 Broadcast Domain and 5 Collision Domain :

Broadcast Domain  : As R1 has two ports so 2 broadcast domains because router has per-port broadcast domain.

Collision Domain : As routers and switches has per-port collision domain. so there are total 5 collision .

See Diagram  :  Collision Domain with Blue Color and Broadcast Domain with Red Color




D is the right answer.

Router : has Per-port broadcast domain & per-port collision domain.
Switch : has Single broadcast domain (by def) & per-port collision domain.

So, There are 2 broadcast domains & 5 Collision domains.


I think the Answer is B

Routers Provides A separate Broadcast Domain for each interface.

Switch Creates separate collision domains with a single broadcast , therefore it's  2 broadcast and 3 collisions as i see the diagram