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What is the scope in networking in future?
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When we say Networking, lets use the word Cisco Networking.

When we say Cisco Networking, it has huge scope right now and its even going to grow in coming years.

When we say Career in Cisco Networking, assume that we are talking about CCIE Certification.

Scope of Cisco CCIE is tremendously high when compared with any other IT Certifications.

CCIE engineers are world's highly paid and most respected IT Professionals.

Do you know average salary of Java/Oracle Professional with 10 years of experience is around 15 lacs in India?

Do you know average Salary package of a CCIE Certified professional in Security or Data Center with 10 years of experience is over 30 lacs in India?

Do you know that if you are a CCIE Security or CCIE R&S Certified engineer in India and getting XYZ amount of package, you can 2x your package just by adding another CCIE Cert/knowledge to your portfolio? Lets say if you have CCIE R&S Certification and now getting 7 lacs package with 2 years of experience. Just add CCIE Data Center skills + certification to your resume. Your package will be 14-15 lacs within 1 year. That's insane growth, but true!