What are major differences between RIP and EIGRP?

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eigrp is advance distance router protocol , where as rip is distance vector

eigrp can use bandwidth , delay , reliability , load and mtu for metric calculation or you can say it use composite metric, where as rip use hop count only for metric calculation because of which we can face pin hole congestion scenario in rip .

administrative distance of eigrp for internal routes is 90 and for external it is 170 , where as in rip we have no internal or external routes and same ad value is used throughout the routing protocol i.e 120 

If available eigrp also calculates the second best path too in its topology table where as rip has no concept of topology table . 

eigrp can use variance to do unequal cost load balancing but in rip we lack this feature.

eigrp now comes in two flvaours eigrp classic and eigrp named mode , where as in rip we have rip version 1 and rip version 2