Should I do MCA after BCA or should I prepare for CCIE Certification course?

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It totally depends upon your area of interest. Before thinking about any such options, you need to ask yourself a question.

What is your area of interest, Programming or Networking/Network Security etc?

If you are good at coding and see yourself writing codes after 5 years then you should go ahead with the career options or courses that move you towards your Goal which is to become a good software engineer or programmer.

But if you are not good at coding or if coding doesn't excite you then you are probably someone who need to get rid of programming and jump into the world of networks. In that case you are meant to become a CCIE, not a programmer.

Anyhow i will never recommend you to go for MCA even if your area of interest is to become programmer. In that case, i would suggest you to opt for a course or a particular certification where you get a chance to learn a particular skills in detail. MCA is not going to enhance your skill set anyway because in any Indian university, MCA is just a repeat of the same syllabus of BCA.

For example, if you want to become a Java Developer, then you probably need to find out a good Java Training Institute nearby and join a Java Certification course there, probably a big one. This is how you are going to learn Java technologies in detail. MCA will take 2 years of your life and give you nothing in return. Just a paper degree without any enhanced knowledge.

If you are interested in field of Cisco Networking and Network Security, then you should probably go for CCIE course. I would suggest you to opt for CCIE Security Course that gives you in-depth knowledge of Cisco Routing & Switching and Network Security technologies, that are in huge demand right now and has a tremendous career ahead. There's a lot big scope of CCIE Security Certification in India and the Salary of CCIE engineers is really good in India, USA, UK, Dubai and Canada etc.

All the best for your Career.


I have done my bca in 2015 batch and in 2018 now i want to enroll in ccie course is it possible for me?


That's true 

first watch this video Degree Vs Certification

Doing a CCIE Certification is million times better than doing  a masters degree,believe me i have  really wasted   2 complete full years in doing masters(M.Tech)  ,i would have achieved CCIE if i would  spend those 2 years in CCIE ,Bachelor's degree is sufficient enough in education ,after bachelors if someone haves an interest in networking field ,they can start up with CCNA,CCNP,CCIE moreover in india there are many options to pursue master degree ,you can also pursue master degree ,while doing a job as many of my class mates did..

At last Certification,knowledge, networking & communications skills, are required to crack a networking job,may be i am wrong but the above comments are my personal thoughts and ideas .......


Dont waste ur time by doing MCA do CCIE