Which Routing protocol is better, if we compare EIGRP and OSPF?

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Which Routing Protocol is better for entreprise networks? How OSPF is different from EIGRP, and which one is better for a complex network?

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We can’t compare routing protocols like this. Both protocols are different and their behavior is totally different as EIGRP is distance vector and OSPF is link state.

If you are asking which protocol you can deploy in your enterprise, it will depend on various factors because no full routing protocol is better over another.

Factors that decides which protocols to use:

1-Convergence time

2-Configuration and Troubleshooting awareness (which protocol is known by your team)

CCNA Routing and Switching

In the event of a network failure EIGRP remembers available backup routes and falls over almost immediately, where as OSPF needs to re-run the SPF algorithm to find any "backup" routes which results in extra processor cycles.
EIGRP cuts out processor cycles by learning only the best routes from its neighbors (routing by rumor) and because of this it does not have an entire view of all the paths to all the networks, it rather has a view of the network based on its neighbors view.  OSPF neighbors send all info to the DR and BDR which then update all of the other neighbors in the area.  This results in all OSFP routers in the area knowing about all the paths to all the networks at the same time and all routers in the area have the exact same view of the entire network.
With OSPF you would need to limit each area to 500 Routers (I think…please check that figure) due to the overhead of the SPF algorithm.  I don’t think EIGRP suffers from a limitation to the amount of routers you can place…this one I am not 100% about (Perhaps one of the CCIE’s could comment on this point).
EIGRP is Cisco proprietary where as OSPF is industry[Open] standard and plays nicely with other vendor routers.
In EIGRP you can summarize networks on any EIGRP router in the network however with OSPF you can only perform summarization on the ABR and ASBR routers.
EIGRP supports un-equal load balancing where as OSPF does not.
EIGRP (Distance vector) like RIP has the ability to turn off the auto-summary feature which advertizes networks at their classfull boundary by default.  OSPF does not advertize networks at their classfull boundary, nor does it have the ability to turn this feature on.