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What is the Ph.D certification on networking industry ?
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Principal Network Architect - Array Networks

There's no any official Certification which can be used as PHD or Doctorate in Networking.

But CCIE Certification ranks up there, just ahead of any PHD subject covered by students.

If you are CCIE certified, that means you are cut above the rest.

Being a CCIE Certified engineer in India means that you have all the knowledge that is required to solve any type of task related to that particular technology.

When i did my CCIE from Network Bulls as a fresher in 2011. I got selected in Aricent technologies as Network Engineer. It was not easy for me to fulfil the expectations of my managers. But as soon as i spent 1 year there, i learned so much and i gained so much confidence that i was promoted as Team Leader for BGP patch.

People who were working there after their CCNA or CCNP Certifications from last 5 years, they were under me in my team then. It all happened because i had a CCIE cert and CCIE level knowledge with me.

if you choose CCIE Cert and if you are ready to work hard, your success is guaranteed. I hope it helped.