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What is scope of CCIE?
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CCIE is considered to be an expert level certification provided by Cisco Systems. A CCIE certified credentials would have a level ahead of job responsibility from networks and networking solutions to implementation and troubleshooting of complex converged networks.

There are lots of job roles depending upon the varied CCIE Certification tracks. For instance, one with CCIE certification in the Security track would be hired as Network Security Administrator in an organization.

Correspondingly, Cloud Administrators, Network Security Specialist, Communication Network Engineer, Cloud Specialist, System Administrators, Cloud Architects, Cloud Designers are considered to be some of the many job titles about various CCIE certification tracks.

Scope After CCIE Certification
Post CCIE course training and certification, you would be eligible for numerous and astounding job roles with a vast future scope. At the same time, the job responsibilities might be varying according to job roles for every track.

The below-mentioned are the top 5 job roles after CCIE certification with their job responsibilities to help you out in deciding which CCIE track and job roles are better for shaping your career.

1. Sr. Network Support Specialist
Senior Network Support specialists' significant job responsibility would be to develop, maintain functional and secure networks. The day-to-day task of the CCIE certified credential is considered to be mentoring a team of engineers to troubleshoot as well as optimize networks on users' end.

2. Sand Security Engineer
The Senior Network Security Engineer's job role would be provided to CCIE certified personnel in the Security track. The Security Engineers would be able to deploy, choose, support, and troubleshoot Cisco firewalls, VPNs, and IDS/IPS solutions for an efficient networking environment. They would also be Creating, overseeing as well as test security measures.

3. Principal Network Architect
A Principal Network Architect would have a goal to establish networks that catering your customer requirements.

• They would be designing and implementing functional network infrastructure
• They would be resolving issues that fellow network support engineers are going to escalate.
• They would also be mentoring team members as well as addresses user requirements.

4. Network Administrator.
The regular job description of a Network Administrator would be to design and deploy functional networks, such as LAN, WAN, WLAN.

• They would be automating the tasks as well as monitoring their effectiveness.
• Mentoring team members on issues related to technical vicinity.
• Communicating with end-users when required.
• Maintaining complete technical documentation is considered to be the task of the Network Administrator.
• They could also suggest improvements to capacity, network performance, as well as scalability.

5. Sr. Network Engineer
The Senior Network Engineers are considered to be somehow similar to wireless Engineers and Senior Network Technicians. They would be configuring and installing servers, software, routers, and other network devices with Network Engineers on remote access or user end. The primary job responsibility of the Senior Network Engineer would be to monitor the network its performance as well as integrity.

So, these were the top 5 job roles that would be offered to a CCIE certified credentials. CCIE is considered an expert-level certification, and anyone could attempt this exam, i.e., there would be no pre-requirement for attempting the CCIE certification exam. But one is entailed to have valid CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE knowledge for achieving the CCIE certification.

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