What is BGP DMZ Link bandwidth ?

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To provide unequal cost load balncing like eigrp in bgp we can use DMZ link bandwidth feature.It is only valid for routes learned from ebgp neighbors.  Here is how it works for a single router with multiple eBGP peering links:

1-You enable the feature on a border BGP router using the command bgp dmzlink-bw. With this command enabled, the BGP process will instruct the data plane to load-balance based on the bandwidth of the links used to connect to the external BGP peers. To select the links that are to be used for load-balancing, you configure the respective BGP peers using the command neighbor dmzlink-bw. The BGP process will consider the bandwidth on the links connecting to those peers when doing the unequal cost load-balancing. In Cisco terminology, those links are called the DMZ Links. The bandwidth is computed based on the bandwidth command configured on the respective interfaces, or based on the default administrative bandwidth. 2-You enable the classic BGP equal-cost load-balancing using the command maximum-paths under the local BGP process. Now, assuming that you received the same prefix from multiple peers and all paths satisfy the BGP load-balancing conditions defined above, the BGP process will insert them into RIB and assign load-balancing weights proportional to the interface bandwidth values (DMZ link bandwidth).