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How can you guarantee a job for students who has no experience in Networking field?

I studied in many pages that without experience the CCIE certification is of no use. Most of the reviews I have seen are in They say that reading and putting answers on paper is totally different from the real world. I am in a state of confusion what to do next. I have done my CCNA R&S training in Hyderabad. I want to join network bulls to complete my CCIE. Please help me.

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CCIE Security

Being an ex-student of CCIE Security batch of Network Bulls, its an honour to address this issue here.

We had 35 students in our batch of CCIE integrated course. Here's what happened to the batch:

  • 5-6 students stopped coming within 2-4 months of joining because they had their own issues or they didn't find course interesting or whatever. Lets forget those students.
  • Now we had 28 students remaining in our batch. Out of these 28 students, some 10-12 students got jobs based on their skills even before the batch was completed. I remember we were at finishing stage of CCIE Security batch of Ajay Grewal sir, when only 16-17 students were left.
  • Out of remaining 16-17 students, 8-10 students including me got Job Placements within 1-2 months of course completion.
  • Now i was placed as Network Security Engineer in a company in Gurgaon.
  • What happened to remaining 7-8 students? 
  • 2-3 students got placed after couple of months.
  • Now, students with poor communication skills and average/poor technical skills were left. those 3-4 students are still job less.

I still remember that Mr. Vikas Kumar sir used to visit our batch every month or sometimes 2-3 times a month to request students to raise their attendance in PD classes and practical classes. That man who is owner of the institute, kept on requesting students to work hard, study hard, to come to classes but those students were not serious. And today those 3-4 students of every batch are dis-satisfied. Who is at fault?

No institute can give you job guarante if you are not ready to put your efforts into it. grow up.