Why no. of VLANs allowed are 4096 if we have only around 24 ports which can have a maximum of only 24 separate VLANs running at a time ?


Why no. of VLANs allowed on a switch is 4096 which is huge compared to the maximum possibility of VLANs which will actually work at a time on a 24 port switch can be up to 24 only (if we have each port in a different VLAN).

One reason could be for future use but 4096 port switch is hard to see in future.

I think I am lacking some basic concept here.

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I myself got the answer, the range of 4094 is for all the switches in a stack because when the switches are connected in a stack all the switches act as one single switch so they can have a combined total of 4094 VLANs in total.