What is different between VTP v1 & VTP v2 ?

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In VTP V1, the only time a transparent mode switch will forward advertisements is when the version and domain name match (highly unlikely). In VTP v2, advertisements are forwarded regardless of the version number.

Differences between v1 and v2

VTP version 2 supports the following features, which are not supported in version 1:

* Token Ring support—VTP version 2 supports Token Ring LAN switching and VLANs

* Unrecognized Type-Length-Value (TLV) Support—A VTP server or client propagates configuration changes to its other trunks, even for TLVs it is not able to parse. The unrecognized TLV is saved in NVRAM.

* Version-Dependent Transparent Mode  — In VTP version 1, a VTP transparent network device inspects VTP messages for the domain name and version, and forwards a message only if the version and domain name match. Because only one domain is supported in the supervisor engine software, VTP version 2 forwards VTP messages in transparent mode, without checking the version.

* Consistency Checks—In VTP version 2, VLAN consistency checks (such as VLAN names and values) are performed only when you enter new information through the CLI or SNMP. Consistency checks are not performed when new information is obtained from a VTP message or when information is read from NVRAM. If the digest on a received VTP message is correct, its information is accepted without consistency checks.

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