What is difference between EIGRP and OSPF?

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                               Diffrence Between Eigrp and Ospf : PointWise

1.Eigrp : It is a Advance Distance Vector Routing Protcol therefore it also do rouing by rumour.
1.Ospf  : It is link state routing protocol means in ospf every router has topological information in the form of LSA's .

2.Eigrp : As Eigrp has Dual(Diffusal Update Algorithm). So whenever a route to a network goes down it will install  Backup Route (feasible successor) for same network into routing table from topology table itself.so less Cpu consumption.
2.Ospf  : In Ospf when route to a specific network goes down. Ospf will run spf algorithm on its database/LSA's to find another best route to that specific network. so more cpu consumption.

3.Eigrp : It is Cisco Proprietary .
3.Ospf  : It is industry open Standard.

4.Eigrp : In eigrp we can summarize routes any where in the network.
4.Ospf : We can only summarize Routes at ABR and ASBR.

5.Eigrp : we can turn off the auto summarization feature which can advertise routes at their classfull boundary.
5.Ospf : we cann't turn off the auto summarization feature .

6.Eigrp : Maximum Routers in a Autonomous System can be 256 as hop count = 255
6.Ospf : Maximum Routers in a Area is limited to 500 Routers.

7.Eigrp : Meric value depends upon bandwidth and delay by default.
7.Ospf  : Metric Value depends upon cost which depends only on bandwidth of link.