. What are possible disadvantages of using RIP – Routing Information protocol in network?

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Disadvantages of RIP : 

1.  In case of Rip hop count is used as a metric because of this Rip will always choose a route which is coming from minimum hop count it will not check link characteristics like bandwidth , delay .

As in above example you can see that From R1 to reach network of Rip will always prefer path via serial link because hop count will be 1 from serial link and it will be 2 from gigabit link. this is a known as bottle neck problem that whole traffic will go via serial link having speed of 1.54 Mbps instead of gigabit link having speed of 1GBPS.


2. As Rip sends it's complete routing table after every 30 seconds so it will consume the more bandwidth of link between two routers.

3. Rip is not scalable because maximum routers that we can user in case of rip is 16 ..just because of maximum hop count limit would be 16

4. Convergence time in rip is very slow because of it's timers.