Can We Perform The New khula law in Pakistan By Family Lawyer?


Want to know the Right of Wife for Khula in Pakistan and the way to file the suit in light of Khula Pakistani Law? Advocate Jamila Ali will guide you the Legal Way in the light of Khula Pakistan family law. The Khula Procedure in Pakistan is legal for those females, they want to solve the suit by the team of Lawyers in Lahore. All the Legal Information on the Khula process in Pakistan is available on the Website.

How can a Wife Get the Khula in Pakistan?

1- Hire Top Family Lawyer

2- Prepare Khula Papers in Pakistan

3- File Application for Proceeding

4- After Proceeding, you can easily get the Khula.

In case of more details call advocate Jamila Ali @ 0092-3234910089 directly and visit our website. Thanks.  

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