Which CCIE lab exam is easy to pass, CCIE R&S or CCIE Security or CCIE Data Centre?

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Hi harsh,

I would suggest choose any CCIE track which you love studying.

Learning and practicing the subjects you love makes it easier to pass either it's world's toughest or the easiest exam.

You must have enthusiasm on point, doesn't matter how intelligent you are, your hardwork will make you reach your goals.

Talking about technicality then, all the Cisco expert-level exams are the same for now.

But in the coming few months, Cisco CCIE certification exams will be at a new pace with new upgrades in them.

==) CCIE R&S lab exam will get revised and upgraded as CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.0 with a pre required 300-401 ENCOR exams in place of CCIE R&S written. https://www.networkbulls.com/training-ccie-institute-india

==) Coming to Data Center, the lab exam version will get updated to V3 from V2 in new updates along with changes in CCIE Data Center written exam which will be now known as 300-601 DCCOR.

==) Similarly for CCIE Security, the lab exam version will get updated to V6.0 from V5.0 in new updates along with changes in CCIE Security written exam which will be now known as 300-701 SCOR. https://www.networkbulls.com/training-ccie-security-india

All these new updates in expert level certification as well as associate and professional levels will go live on 24th Feb 2020.

Check all the recent updates to come in Cisco certification in this blog by Network Bulls - https://blog.networkbulls.com/know-new-ccna-ccnp-enterprise-and-ccie-certifications-exams-syllabus-re-certification-and-more and reach them on their toll-free number -1800-313-2545, if any query.


Looking at the current structure of all three exams, its hard to pass CCIE Security and CCIE Data Centre right now as the version is new, otherwise there's hardly any difference in all three exams. Yes CCIE Security V5 exam is going to be hard nut to crack for initial months due to new sections being added in the exam.

CCIE R&S is pretty easy to pass as How to prepare for CCIE R&S Lab exam as a strategy is already out.

you just need to make sure you have good Troubleshooting skills and hold on the concepts before you even think about getting started with lab exam preparation. its ok to follow some lab workbooks, but never rely on them.