Many of my networking friends have suggested me to do CCIE training with certification after few years of experience! So is the suggestion true if yes why if no how?

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Hi Nikhil,

You can definitely go for CCIE Certification and Training as a fresher and reach your goal.

Many students first do CCNA R&S + CCNP R&S Training and then they go for entry level jobs, they work hard in their jobs and slowly and gradually they reach their goals of becoming CCIE or getting at higher salary packages. This is also a great way to work, learn and grow.

But if you want to grow faster, you need to learn fast too. Many students go for CCIE directly and then they go for placement from us or some get placement automatically. In that case even if they join entry level or bit higher level job, tey grow much faster than a CCNP guy because of their knowledge.

Imagine if a CCNP R&S certified guy got a job of 20,000 Rs per month and he reaches 7-8 lacs package in next 5 years. But if that same guy does CCIE and get a salary of 20,000 Rs per month but he will reach at 15 lacs package in next 5 years or less. More knowledge means more opportunities and more salary.