Kindly share your Reviews and Complaints about Network Bulls Institute in India?

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Network Bulls - CCNA, CCNP, CCIE training institute situated in Gurugram, India is the best Cisco certifications learning institute for network job seekers today.

They change our lives with their quality training and top class training infrastructure. I joined this institute by being inspired by Network Bulls Reviews. Network Bulls Reviews, feedbacks are all over the Internet and any student can get help by reading them.

Some world-class facilities which I didn't find in other institutes while comparing all of them with NB are their pool of CCIE trainer, dedicated racks, separate placement cell and a complaint box.

These are the most required facilities for network learners which other institutes lacks but not Network Bulls.

Network Bulls complaint box holds a strong place in my heart as it was the one providing instant help to me while training at Network Bulls. As soon as I drop my complaints in this complaint box, the NB team was their to listen to me and give solution in 2-3 days.

I am a big fan of Network Bulls so, I would like to recommend this institute to every Network learners.

And also, to the haters of NB, please don't spread any fake and fraud complaints about Network Bulls over the internet as it can misguide the next network learners and they will stay deprived from quality learning.


Network Bulls, institute in India is an amazing place to learn and practice networking. I almost completed a year here, learning CCNA, CCNP, CCIE from scratch and I would like to say that staff is very positive, the class environment is good, class fellows are co-operative too and complaint box are very much helpful for any queries.

The complaint box is an medium to reach up to higher management with any of your query and discomfort. Basically, I used to write complaint about classroom racks and more... And u would not believe they used to resolve my complaint in just 1-3 days. Isn't that amazing??? But yes it's true...

Overall I can say I improved a lot at Network Bulls each day and still in progress.


Thank you Network Bulls!


I got to know about Network Bulls during my graduation and since then its been No.1 Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE courses training institute in India situated in Gurugram, Haryana.


I did CCIE Security Integrated course training from Network Bulls and I must say they have an inspiring learning environment which I enjoyed a lot throughout my training.


They have well-equipped labs which helped me prepare for the CCIE exams and I clear my CCIE Security lab exam recently.


During the 10-12 months of training at NB, I earned the best Cisco knowledge here which I don't think I might have in any other institutes of India.


In my class, me and my friends used to drop complaints in the complaints boxes of Network Bulls. Sometimes serious and sometimes funny complaints.


Some of the most funny complaints that I remember were Less girls in batch and internet speed is slow to download movies, etc...


Basically these complaints box were for those students who used to face problems in the classroom but were unable to share it (complaints) with trainers or management.


Whenever I used to write complaints and drop them in complaints box, surprisingly the management used to solve them within 2 to 3 days and complaints exists no more.


You can relate by this that, how Network Bulls focuses on their student comfort.


At last, I tell you friends, Network Bulls is a best place for those students who want to become CCIE champ in very short time.


I hope you liked my review on Network Bulls training experience and found it helpful.