Is there good scope for Cyber security engineer who has done networking?


what is the scope for ethical hacking cyber security ? i have seen its in great demand. is it related to networking ?

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Can You answer this question?

"Cyber Security" sounds pretty fascinating right? But it is not going to help you anywhere. Probably you will not get a job. If there are 10 students with Certifications like CEH, LPT etc, 9/10 will not get a job.

Boy if you want to make your career with strong foundation, go for CCIE Security Course if Network Security excites you or choose to go for Java/PHP if you are interested in programming.

Someone rightly said, "Hackers are masters in some fields, and then they become hackers."


you said that you have seen it in great demand.


You must have read some articles written on internet, written by some dumbass bloggers with no practical knowledge of how industry works.