How stateful firewall create entry for udp connection in its state table ?and what is the difference between connection table and state table?

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now let me talk about tcp first tcp is a connection oriented protocol which forms the connection  then transmit data and after transmission tear down the connection so firewall understand when we initiate the tcp connection through it that it is a connection initiation request and add the entry in the connection table. when the connection is terminated device sends fin msg and firewall understands thats its a connection termination message so removes the entry from the connection table

now in case of udp no connection formation no connection termination direct transmission so when we send udp traffic through the firewall from higher sec level to lower it simply adds the entry in the connection table as there is no connection termination in case of udp so firewall doesnt know when to remove the entry from the connection table so firewall relies on idle timer of the connection for udp it is 2mins by default