Hi..i have exp in l1 level in Ibm idea data centre and also six month Mpls tecjnology...my ccna study is completed ....shall i go for ccna certification or directly Ccie exam ...i have reauired on roll and good package job so what will i do fr that?

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Principal Network Architect - Array Networks

As you said that you have good knowledge of MPLS which is absolutely a great strength to your portfolio.

If you want to realize the real strength of Network operations at a larger scale, you can go for CCIE course.

CCIE has its own perk and you just can't compare it with other Cisco Certifications like CCNA or CCNP or any other professional certification on planet.

If you ask me, i would say, you should definitely go for CCIE. It will give wings to your career and your knowledge. CCIE preparation in itself is an amazing thing. When you prepare for huge certifications like CCIE, you learn a lot. You improve a lot on your technical skills, your networking concepts and you improve your troubleshooting skills drastically. So don't even think of CCNA and all, just go for CCIE. all the best.