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CCNA Routing and Switching
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Comulative Distance : Total distance from a source  to a destination network/prefix.

Feasible Distance : Best ( MInimum ) Distance from source to a particular destiantion network/prefix [ In case multiple paths are there to the same destination prefix/network ]

But if there is a single path that will become C.D and F.D

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Buddy MCA is just one more degree after BCA again you have to go with cramming of some subjects. But CCIE security is a course which can provide you live network experience with a better job.

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Salary depends upon technical skills as well as communication skills. As a CCNA freshers salary 15k to 20k.

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On R0 make a sub interface of vlan 100 on interface fast 0/0  and on another router R1 make subinterface of vlan 50 of interface fast 0/0.

then do static routing between R0 and R1 

R0(config)#ip route

R1(config)#ip route


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2 Broadcast Domain and 5 Collision Domain : Broadcast Domain  : As R1 has two ports so 2 broadcast domains because router has per-port broadcast domain. Collision Domain : As routers and switches has per-port collision domain. so there are total 5 collision . See Diagram  :  Collision Domain with Blue Color and Broadcast Domain with Red Color    ... (more)
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Network Subnet Mask : /25 = (   by default its means change has been done in 1st and 2nd octet )                                               |      |                                      11111111   10000000 so find block size for both of them  Block Size = 2nd octet ( 256-255 = 1 ) , 1st Octet ( 256-128 ... (more)
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Line protocol of serial links is down that is the main reason why directly connected networks is not shown in routing table [ because routing table will only show route if line protocol of that specific interface is up ]. Maike sure that somehow line protocol between routers should come up [ try 1. shut and then no shut interfaces once again 2. apply clock rate command at dce side of link ]

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EIGRP Practical : 

To verify Interfaces on which eigrp is enabled : 

show ip eigrp interfaces

To verify neighborship : 

show ip eigrp neighbors

To verify protocol running :

show ip protocols

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Static Routing : --Most Preffered Route. --Route for a specific network.   Default Routing : --Least Preffered Route. -- It signifies all network's. -- Also known as static default because default route is also given statically.  ... (more)
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Initially EIGRP is Cisco Proprietary protcol but back in 2013 cisco made EIGRP as a open standard protocol which can work on all company devices.

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When you are using  ipv6 addresses while configuring RIP it is called as RIPng.

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Hub: --It is a layer 1 device. -- Just Flood every data it receives [ don't maintain any table ]  --Usually, have 4 or 8 ports. --One Collision Domain and One BroadCast Domain. -- All devices connected with hub operates in Half-Duplex. Switch: --It is a layer 2 device. --It forwards data on the basis of mac address table by looking at Destination mac of frame. --Switches have 24 o... (more)
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STP Root Bridge Election: In Spanning-tree Root Bridge is elected on the basis of bridge-id. =>Initially all switches exchange BPDU( Bridge protocol Data Unit ) and in bpdu's they exchange bridge-id on the basis of that switches do Root Bridge Election. =>Bridge-Id is of 8byte . Lower Bridge-Id is preffered => As you can see by default priority of all switches are same i.e 32768 so an ... (more)
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Already Answered : Click Here

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VRRP Practical :    In above practical both of users have to access the internet as we have to configure VRRP and make Load Balancing, Redundancy available. Redundancy means when one router either R1 or R2 will goes down another router will be used. In VRRP one router will become will become Master Router and all others will go in the backup state. Now Enable VRRP on R1 and R2: R1(config... (more)