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How to identify the IP address of the neighbours in the LAN , if the IP is assigned dynamically by DHCP server?
IP address can be entered manually , otherwise you can input a domain name which is associated with an ip address. In case of a Domain name , the device must have a DNS server.
Do i need to run neighbor (IP address ) update-source (interface loopback)?
Hii, According to the BGP , if you are configuring indirect neighborship than update source command must be configured. As per your configuration , it is working fine. Because when you update source ...
Can I get Path from following IP?
Hi, Please clarify your question. Which type of path you are talking about??  
Dear Sir Please solve my issue im am not able to give static route on second router error is comming?
Hi,  This is because of the IP address class. In this scenerio , you are using class B network and trying to define class C subnet mask.  And second mistake is next hop address. You have to use the...
Is it possible to view screen of my users connected on my wireless netwrok?
Hi, By default, it is not possible. If you want to do so , than ask your users for remote access of their computers, if they allow than you can view screen of your wireless network users.   Hope i...
How many broadcast domains and collision domains are in the topology?
Hi,  In this topology, you have 34 collision domain and 12 broadcast domain.  
Sir , i have a question . i cant understand that what is the different between source ip and destination ip...?
Hi, Source ip :- IP address of the device which is generating the data/packet/request . Destination ip :- IP address of the device to whom you want to send data/packet/request.   For example: - If...
Can a router have two default routes set?
Hi,  Yes.  A router can have multiple default routers , but it is not recommended to configure more than one default route on  a router. If you do so, the router will get confused during packet fo...
NIC Card is which layer device ?
Hi Vikas, The Network interface Card is a layer 2 hardware according to OSI model. Because the NIC have a physical address (MAC). When the NIC sends data , it includes its mac address in the header a...