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MAc Binding Of Static Ip Address in network switch?
You can set up a static ARP entry on the Cisco router to bind the unicast virtual IP address to the multicast MAC address. In the command prompt window, type "arp -a" and look for the multicast MAC a...
What is Collision Domain and Broadcast Domain?
Dear Akash, Collision domain: L1 Frames would collide between others (hubs, access points, repeaters, bridges) and only one device can send and receive at the same time. Broadcast domain: L2 Broadca...
EIGRP topology table and Routing table?
The Topology Table is populated by the protocol dependent modules and acted upon by the DUAL finite state machine. It contains all destinations advertised by neighboring routers. Associated with each ...
Wild card mask?
A wildcard mask is a sequence of numbers that streamlines packet routing within the subnets of a proprietary network. A subnet can be a geographically defined local area network (LAN). Alternative...
Hi i am a Hardware and Networking Engineer having 9+ Years of exp in IT Technical Support and i am 36 Years old ,can i do CCNA Security course.?
Dear Jai, Yes, Absolutely! As per your experience you are already having a very good knowledge of Hardware and Networking as well as Servers (I Believe) You can Join Network Bulls for CCIE Security I...