Gurwin Das
4 Answers
Why we used MPLS ?
Without MPLS technology Service providers need to maintain separate infrastructure for  Customer Routes(Private IP range) and Public Routes(Public IP range) .With the Help of MPLS L3 VPN technolog...
Why does EIGRP uses multicast for neighbor discovery?
The main use of multicast address for neighbor discovery is used to reduce the Processing overload of routers.If the packet is broadcast any Layer 3 device has to process atleast upto layer 3.If it...
What is EIGRP Stuck in Active situation?
When Query and Reply is generated? If the topology table has only one successor and when the best path (successor route) goes down it will immediately send the Query to all the interface where EIGRP ...
What is stub area in OSPF?
In a particular area if the router interface is configured as Stub area,it generates hello packet with E-bit of option field set to 0.If its neighbor interface is not configured as stub it will not fo...