Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet answered this on Miscellaneous Aug 18

Its better to try CCIE Security Integrated course than MVTE.

Gurjeet answered this on CCIE Aug 17
Total Number of CCIE's Worldwide 2017: CCIE Routing & Switching: 30,000 CCIE Security: 7,000 CCIE Collaboration/Voice: 4,500 CCIE Data Center: 2500 CCIE SP: 3000 CCIE Wireless: 250 CCIE Strorage: 170   There are around 3000 CCIE Certified engineers working in India and around 10,000 working in USA. Most of the CCIE Wireless Engineers are working with Cisco. If you want to know th... (more)
Gurjeet answered this on CCNA Jun 02

Better to go for CCIE Certification. CCNA is just like PHP/JAVA/Oracle etc.

If you want to reach 30 lacs package in next 10 years, go for CCIE.

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When we say Networking, lets use the word Cisco Networking. When we say Cisco Networking, it has huge scope right now and its even going to grow in coming years. When we say Career in Cisco Networking, assume that we are talking about CCIE Certification. Scope of Cisco CCIE is tremendously high when compared with any other IT Certifications. CCIE engineers are world's highly paid and most... (more)
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NB has tie ups with lot of companies. They can arrange interviews for you but your selection depends totally on your own skills.