Milan Varia
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If I have 2 different prefixes, and I am doing MPLS L3 VPN, then can I use same RD for both prefixes?
Hi Ankit, First of all try to understand that RD (Route Distinguisher) is the concept of BGP, not individual prefix. RD helps BGP to make same prefixes identical, When same prefix comes to the BGP i...
What is the use of DR in multicast network ?
The Designated Router uses to cut down the number of adjacency in Multi access network like Ethernet. (Just like "Route Reflector" in case of BGP) That reduces routing protocol traffic & size of data...
How CCNA summer training can help me to build my career in Networking?
Only two things can help you throughout your career.That's Hard work & dedication, nothing else. No summer tanning can help you to build your career.
What is seed metric?
Whenever we redistribute some route information from one routing domain to another, we provide some metric value manually that is what we call "Seed Metric" We seeds some value manually because of me...
What is the rule of Split Horizon in IGP? Please explain?
Rule of split horizon says, If router get some routing update from it's neighbor, it will send it to all the routing enabled ports except the one from the update came in on.   In Figure, Whe...
What is difference between Cisco Router and Switch?
When we talk about the difference between router & switch,  we always try to understand in perspective of OSI Model. You should have basic knowledge about OSI Model. There are 7 layers in OSI Model...