Lokesh Agrawal

CCIE Trainee 

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Setting Up 3 Network Printers Connected To an Old Router That Is Connected To A Router / Modem Combo?
Configure the other router (in which 2,3,4 ports are connected to printer) as Access Point. The option is available in BASIC/General Settings  The option is easily available on D-Link Routers. Othe...
Private Lan Between 2 Pc?
You have to go to Network and Sharing center in control panel, and turn on the file sharing option and disable password protection sharing,  After that go to Network Section from the left panel in W...
Why we need two different address in network to convey msg like mac and ip address?
Mac address was used in earlier days when the network was too small, the problem with MAC address was that it does not provide us any sense of host and network scheme.. where as IP address is a hierar...
Does n number of WiFi connection can be merged in a single WiFi connection?
Basically, you are trying to merge 4 different wireless connections' bandwidth. 1. You will need four wireless adapters, if you are using laptop, buy USB wireless adapters(if using Desktop buy PC...
I want to know about the switches and routers' series and their specifications. Any easy way to get this information..?
http://www.cisco.com/c/en_in/products/index.html open the link.. Probably the best place to get to know about all the Devices and Specs.
How to set up CCIE R&S Version 5 Lab at home?
Setup CCIE R&S version 5 lab at home using VMware&EVE-ng on your laptop. To do this, you need to meet the following requirements:- 1. Laptop with RAM of atleast 12GB for proper functioning. 2. VMw...